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The Preferences screen allows you to set a variety of different configuration options for your game:

Interface: This tab allows you to choose a different skin for your game (currently, only one is available), as well as set the window size you use to display the game. Please note that the minimum 1024x768 option requires you to play in fullscreen, rather than windowed, mode. Finally, you can choose to use either the imperial (default) or metric system to display things like player heights and weights.

As the screen indicates, you will need to exit and restart your game before any changes on this screen take effect.

Misc: The only option here is logo caching, which determines how team logos are created and stored in your game. Disabling the cache will only generate them when they are needed, e.g. looking at a team's home screen. This will slow down the loading time of such screens. Setting it to cache all logos wlli speed up loading times as all the logos will be generated in advance, but will use a lot more system memory. The default setting generates logos as they're needed, but then retains them in memory to speed future loading.

License: This tab allows you to release the license from your game if you are playing the eSellerate version. This should be done before uninstalling the game from a system, in order to preserve your two license usages.

Facegen: This tab controls various options for the facegen player portrait system. You can turn it off entirely (which may be desirable on very slow systems), and choose from several different ways to alter the displayed images.

Troubleshooting: This tab controls various debugging tools that can be useful in diagnosing problems with your games. You generally shouldn't enable debug tracing unless OOTP staff specifically instructs you to do so to help us detect the source of a an issue you've reported with your game, as it can slow down the game noticeably.

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