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Quickstart Game

If you'd like to start a Standard Game, but not with the default world provided by our most current database, FHM has a concept called Quickstart Games.

What is a Quickstart Game?

Quickstart games are pre-built hockey universes. These games come complete with rules, teams, and players. The New Game setup routine is based on a quickstart consisting of the modern hockey universe, but the Quickstart Game option can be used to start with an alternate quickstart. You can create new quickstarts yourself from the "Save as Quickstart" option once you've started a game.

Loading a Quickstart Game

Click the quickstart game on which you would like to base your game. You will then move through a process identical to the regular New Game setup, only based on your chosen quickstart.

After loading the quickstart, you will then be taken to the Set Up Your Manager screen, where you can set up your manager identity, team, play mode, and other options.

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