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International Menu

The International Menu (only available during modern games, not fictional or historical) allows you to view the details of international teams and tournaments, and some additional details about the world of hockey in your game.

The Team Controls section operates in a similar manner to the regular Team Controls. The upper team box is used to select the country you wish to view; the lower one allows you to choose the specific team you want to see - for example, a European country will allow you to choose between that nation's national team and Team Europe from the World Cup. You can view their current roster, strategy, schedule, and history.

The Tournament section operates in a similar manner to the regular League Controls. You can choose which tournament to view, and see its standings (if it is currently underway or has already been played this season), schedule, or history.

The World section allows you to view different aspects of your hockey world:

The Hall of Fame screen displays every player currently in the game's Hall of Fame, filterable by skater or goalie tabs.

The GM Leaders screen displays the top general managers currently in the game, including you. You can compare your achievements to the game's great GM's via your overall GM Score in the far right column. The view can be switched to show coaches instead of GM's; if you're playing as a GM/Coach, you will also receive a score here.

Explore Game World displays facts and statistics about every nation in your game world, including their membership status in the International Ice Hockey Federation, number of active leagues and teams in the game, and number of active players who have that country as one of their nationalites.

World Ranking shows the current national rankings in international hockey, determined by each country's performance in recent tournaments. The ranking is used by some tournaments for seeding and eligibility determination. It will update on July 1 of every year.

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