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Team and League Controls Menu

The Team + League Controls Menu determines which team and league you are currently looking at, and allows you to access (and change, if you control the team) information about their roster, lines, and other settings.

By default, the menu takes you to the team you currently manage and its league (if you're unemployed, it will default to a team in the top-level league in your game.) You can easily change the currently selected team or league by clicking on the name, which will bring up a drop-down list, using the arrow buttons to navigate through those same lists, or in the case of leagues, clicking on the globe icon to get a worldwide list of leagues. Note that the league and team selections are independent of each other; you can switch leagues to look at another league's stats, for example, while still being able to access your team's roster easily.

Below team and league selection are five options that let you investigate the team's lineup, schedule, and history:

Option Description
Roster The roster screen displays the players your team currently employs or owns the rights to, in various different formats.
Strategy The strategy screen shows how the team will organize its players into lines for its next game and the configuration of the tactics and tactical roles the team will use in its next game.
Depth The Depth chart shows all the players you currently own, ranked by ability within positions, your top prospects, and your future draft picks.
Schedule The schedule screen shows all the team's games, both played and unplayed, for this season.
History The history screen shows the team's history, including its all-time statistical leaders.

Further to the Right are more Team and League controls, broken down in more detail on their own pages, and the Draft Logs section, which allows you to view details of drafts previously conducted by the league.

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