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The Hall of Fame

The game's Hall of Fame system now defaults to the Committee method of selection. This mirrors the real hall's voting process as closely as possible, whereby the committee members nominate candidates and then go through a series of votes to decide on each year's inductees.

You will always be considered a part of the Hall of Fame Committee, regardless of what league you are currently employed in - or if you're working at all. Taking part in the nomination process is entirely voluntary.

The process begins by the 17 other (simulated) members of the committee selecting one player each for nomination. You may add an 18th from the remaining eligible players (you won't get this option if there are no more players eligible to be nominated.)

Once the nominees are decided, the voting begins. Every voter, including you, gets four votes. Any players who have more than 13 votes are elected to the Hall of Fame (unless there are more than four players with >13 votes, in which case only those with the top four vote totals are selected.)

If fewer than four players are chosen, additional rounds of voting are conducted, after dropping the candidates with the lowest totals. Each voter gets a number of votes equivalent to the number of remaining open spots (i.e., 4 - the number of players already voted in.) As with the first round, vote totals >13 get in.

If the vote runs out of nominees before enough players are inducted, the committee may automatically choose to fill out the remaining spots with players who have been retired for at least 18 seasons.

If you opt to change (via the Game Setup/Options) screen to Automatic, players who meet the specified criteria in the options screen will automatically be inducted to the hall. Bear in mind the the only statistics considered in Automatic mode will be those in the game's highest-level league, i.e. the NHL in standard gameplay; the votes in the Committee option will give some consideration to stats from other high-level leagues.

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