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Common Drop-Downs

We mentioned earlier that there are number of drop-down menus that appear repeatedly throughout the game. We're going to cover those here, so that we don't have to tell you about them again every time they show up.

Team Drop-Down

The Team drop-down appears on screens with lists of players, and is used to quickly change whose team's information you are viewing. Primarily, this gives GMs quick access to switch between affiliated teams in their organization:

Team Drop-Down

Selecting a team from this menu refreshes the current screen with the players from the selected team.

Position Drop-Down

Most screens that show player data include a Position drop-down, usually just to the right of the views and filters. Use this drop-down to limit the list of player to those of a certain position. You can also choose to display all pitchers or all batters.

Position Drop-Down

The Position drop-down filters players according to their rated abilities, not their currently assigned positions. So, even if you have a player who is a 3B, if he is also rated at SS, he will show up if you select "shortstop" from the Position drop-down. You can create more complicated filters using the filter functionality.

Preferred Occupation Drop-Down

Most screens that show team personnel data include the Preferred Occupation drop-down. Each staff member in your baseball universe prefers one of the following six occupations: manager, general manager, pitching coach, hitting coach, scout, or team trainer.

Preferred Occupation Drop-Down

Use this drop-down to limit the staff displayed to those who prefer a certain occupation. See Personnel Roles for more information.

Scouting Drop-Down

Screens that show player ratings include a Scouting drop-down. This allows you to select which scout's ratings you want to view. You can also view the assessments of the game's OSA (OOTP Scouting Association), which produces its own set of ratings.

Scouting Drop-Down

If you have scouting turned off, all ratings shown will be the true player ratings. See Scouting for more information.

The Scope Drop-Down

Screens that include statistical data include the Scope drop-down. This drop-down allows you to define the league level from which you want to see statistics.

Scope Drop-Down

In other words, if you want to see players' statistics only from major league play, then you can select Major League Level from the drop-down. If you have a player who came over to the U.S. after five years in Japan, you can select International Level to view just his statistics from the Japanese league. You can choose from any of the available league levels. By default, the game displays statistics from the level of the currently selected league or team.

League levels are classifications of leagues in OOTP. These are defined during the game creation process. See Game Universe Terminology for more information on league levels.

The Split Drop-Down

Screens that include statistical data also include the Split drop-down. This gives you access to a huge volume of statistical 'splits.' A split is a set of statistics based upon specific criteria. For example, if you want to see your hitter's statistics against left-handed pitchers only, that is a split called 'Versus Left.' Most of the splits are obvious, but here is some extra information about a few of the splits::

  • This week or last week - 'This week' runs from Monday to Sunday. So, on Monday before games are played, everyone will have all zeros for their 'this week' splits. 'Last week' is the same for the previous week.
  • Close or late-game situations - this is for the 7th inning or later AND score must be 3 or fewer runs apart; for example, 6-3 is a 'close' situation
  • Behind in the count - includes 0-1, 0-2, 1-2 counts
  • Ahead in the count - includes 1-0, 2-0, 3-0, 2-1, 3-1, 3-2 counts

Note: The Stats Split drop-down appears only when you have selected a view that includes statistics.

The Double-Split Drop-Down

The Double Split drop-down contains the same options as the Split drop-down. Its purpose is to allow you to select two splits at the same time. Want to see how your players are performing in night games against left-handed hitters? Select Night in the Split drop-down, and Versus Left in the Double Split drop-down. There is no relevance to which statistic you select from which split drop-down. They behave identically.

Note: The game does not store double-split information for years other than the current year, so in most cases you cannot perform a double split with "Career," "Last Year," or "2 Years Ago" selected as the first split.

View in Google Earth

Several game screens include a View in Google Earth drop-down. Users that have Google Earth installed can use this drop-down to do a number of cool things, including viewing locations of teams or players in your league.

Google Earth

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