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Game Configuration Files
In addition to the plethora of in-game options and settings that allow you to tweak the game, OOTP also has several configuration files that are outside of the game engine. Most users will never need to touch configuration files, but under certain circumstances, some users may find a need to tweak these files.

The configuration files are stored in a hidden directory, but can be accessed from inside the game by using the Open Config Folder option on the Preferences screen. OOTP config files are simple text files that can be opened with any text editing program.

Note: You should only modify configuration files when OOTP is closed. Always back up configuration files before modifying!

There are two configuration files of interest:

Path Files
There are also a few additional configuration files that appear in the same directory, but there typically is not any need to modify these files. These files are as follows:

  • recent_paths - Any time you open a file in OOTP through a file dialog, for example when you load a new team logo, OOTP uses this file to remember the path, so that the next time you load a team logo, OOTP will default to the same path.
  • favorite_paths - Any time you use a file dialog, for example in the above team logo example, the path you used will be added to the "Favorites" drop-down that is visible in any file dialog within the game.
  • paths - This file stores a few important path variables:
    • path_user_data - This is where the game stores user files like the saved_games directory.
    • path_cust_data - This refers to all other folders that users might want to customize, for example, the schedule folder.
    Most people won't need write access to these folders, but if you want to customize the game you will need write access, so we need to put this folder into the user's home directory.
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