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How Do Online Leagues Work?
Online leagues in OOTPB are fairly simple. A group of players decides to start an online league. One or more players become the commissioners. These are the people who will 'run' the league. In some online leagues, the commissioner also controls a team. Some online leagues have a mix of human- and computer-controlled teams.

The players who initiate an online league typically decide on the league configuration. The commissioner creates the game on his computer, and then provides a copy of the game to the other players, usually via a web site. The managers download the game files and then open up the game. Once they are in the game, they can make changes to their teams, such as setting up lineups. Once they are done making changes, they export those changes to a web site. The commissioner retrieves these team export files and imports the changes into the master copy of the game. The commissioner usually then auto-plays a fixed number of days and posts a copy of the league files again.

This process repeats itself throughout an entire baseball season. League events such as playoffs, free agency, and drafts are handled in different ways in different online leagues. There is no 'right way' to handle these things. But the fundamental process continues: make changes, export, import, auto-play, new league file, repeat.

Note: Human managers cannot get fired by their owners in online leagues.

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