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Loading Online League Files (Non-Commissioners)
Human managers in an online league have a fairly simple process. Periodically, the online commissioner will post a new game file for to download. Human managers need to download the file so that they can get into the updated game and make their next set of changes.

OOTPB provides an automated process for this. When online league mode is enabled, managers will see an additional option in the Game menu, entitled Load Online League File:

Load Online League File

By selecting this option, OOTPB will automatically contact your league's server. If there is an updated league file available, it will download and decompress the file automatically.

League files can also be downloaded from the server and unzipped manually. However, this process should be coordinated closely with your commissioner, and may require additional software to unzip the archive file, depending on the tools your commissioner is using. Typically, good commissioners will communicate this process thoroughly, so that even novice players can participate with little trouble.

The detailed list of tasks the Load Online League File feature performs are listed below:

  • Opens an FTP connection to the online league server.
  • Checks whether the online league file exists in the export directory on the server. The name of the file must be the default name which is used by the 'Upload league file' dialog.
  • Get the modification date/time of the file from the FTP server.
  • Open the file /league-folder.lg/settings/online_league_file_time.cfg to get the modification date/time of the file as of the last download.
  • If the date/time stamps are equal, the download will be stopped because the file hasn't changed.
  • If the date/time stamps are not equal, the file will be downloaded and unzipped into the import_export folder.
  • The database will be saved and closed.
  • All .dat files with the exception of names.dat will be renamed to .bak.
  • The league files will be unpacked from the tar file and saved according to the relative paths saved in the tar file, overwriting existing files.
  • The database will be loaded.
  • The date/time info of the file will be saved in /league-folder.lg/settings/online_league_file_time.cfg.
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