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Roster Rules and Management
Managing a team isn't all about signing big free agents. Much of a general manager's job involves carefully managing your team's rosters. However, this requires an in-depth understanding of how rosters work in baseball. OOTP's treatment of roster management is awfully close to the real world, but it's not identical. So, it's also important to understand how OOTP works in these regards. This section of the manual will walk you through some of the more important aspects of roster rules and management, including the following:

Almost everything related to rosters comes into play on a team's Transaction page, accessible by navigating to Team Menu | your team | Transactions tab, or by clicking the Transactions icon (a clipboard with red and green arrows) in the icon bar at the bottom of the page.

Most settings related to roster management are made in the Rulesscreenduring game creation, or after game creation by navigating to OOTP Menu | Game Setup | League Setup tab | Rules tab.

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