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In OOTP, you have broad oversight of your organization's scouting, and your scouts' information has a large impact on the decisions you make as a general manager. The general manager has the responsibility of hiring a scouting director and setting the organization's scouting budget. Once those two pieces are in place, your scouting organization goes to work: rating players, searching out new talent, and providing you with scouting reports.

Playing with Scouting Off
Scouting in OOTP is optional. You can off scouting during the game creation process in the Game Options. After a game has been started, you can turn off scouting by navigating to OOTP Menu >> Game Setup >> Global Setup tab. If scouting is disabled, you will not have a scouting director or a scouting budget. However, OSA will still provide scouting reports on players. Player ratings shown on lists of players will be the actual ratings for all players. Additionally, the various scouting action menus and drop-downs will no longer be available.