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The League screen is accessed from the Create New Game screen. This is where you define the basic layout of the selected league:

After a game is created, league structure can be only be edited further during the preseason or offseason using the League Structure Editor.

League Structure Overview

The League Structure Overview section allows you to set a few key variables for the selected league.

Option Description
League Name The long form of the league's name.
League Abbreviation The abbreviated form of the league's name.
League Level Each league must be assigned to one of the following league levels for a league:
  • Major League Level
  • Triple A (AAA)
  • Double A (AA)
  • Single A (A)
  • Short Season A (S A)
  • Rookie League (R)
  • International (INT)
  • Winter League (WL)
  • College (COL)
  • High School (HS)

League levels are primarily used as classification. Each league level has slightly different default settings that can be modified however you see fit. Once you have selected a league level, the abbreviation for the league level will be added after the league name in the All Included Leagues box.

Note: In the real world, teams in higher level leagues send players to play in Winter Leagues. This does not happen in OOTP. Winter Leagues are just a different classification of league. A Winter League behaves the same as any other league.
League Nation Each league must have a home nation. OOTP comes with a list of every nation in the world today. However, for those who want to create a totally fictional world, the nations used in the game are completely customizable. Nation selection affects the nationality of players and personnel in the league, but has no other impact. For example, creating a U.S. league won't automatically create 'better players' because the level of baseball is higher in the U.S. than in other countries.
Region (optional) A league may optionally have a specified region. Regions are preconfigured areas that may be comprised of states, nations, etc. When a region is selected, then the game will select a proper league nation based on the region. It will also select city names from the region, and generated players will also come from the region. (This could change depending on how you set the foreigner percentage on the Options screen.
League Reputation The league's overall reputation in relation to other leagues in your game world, on a scale from 1-10.
Parent League This identifies the league that is the parent of the selected league. If the selected league is a parent league, this display reads 'Not Affiliated.' See Game Universe Terminology for more information on parent and affiliated leagues.
League Structure Setup

The League Structure Setup section defines the sructure of your league, in terms of subleagues, divisions, and teams.

  • A league can have one or two subleagues. Subleagues also factor into playoffs; the winner of one subleague frequently faces the winner of the other for the league championship. Warning! You cannot change the number of subleagues in a league after the game has been started. Also, you cannot change the number of subleagues in a standard league.
  • A subleague can have up to 50 divisions.
  • A division can consist of 2-50 teams.

See Game Universe Terminology for more information on these different terms. Beneath these options, the teams and divisions of each subleague are displayed.

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