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Manager's Office

The Manager's Office is the primary portal for all managers, and the default screen you see any time you load a saved game. Since it's such a central screen, there are numerous ways to access this screen:

The Manager Home Screen works like a task organizer, helping you tackle your important tasks while presenting information vital to the success of your club. The left side of the screen keeps a running list of notes of interest about your club. It's a dynamic list, changing on a regular basis, but it may include such things as your current place in the standings, information about players on the trading block, feedback from your owner, your team's position in the latest power rankings, and so on. Manager-created notes also appear in the list, and you can create notes directly from here, as described in the Notes and Reminders page.

The right side of the screen shows a list of manager tasks. Here, OOTP will provide you with helpful links when you need to take specific actions. Again, this list is dynamic, but it could include things such as the need to place an injured player on the disabled list, instructions to set up your roster, the need to respond to a trade offer, and more.

Use the Manager Home Screen to give yourself a launching point each time you load the game!

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