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OOTP League Types

There are four types of leagues in OOTP: standard, historical, fictional, and imported. Remember that in OOTP, one saved game can contain multiple leagues. So, your saved game could theoretically contain a combination of all of these types of leagues!

Standard Leagues

Standard leagues are based closely on professional baseball leagues that exist in the world today. In standard leagues, league structure and details have been configured to match the real-world details of those leagues as closely as possible, although the player and team names are different. OOTP comes with the following standard leagues:

  • Major League Baseball
  • Nippon Professional Baseball
  • Korean Baseball Organization
  • Chinese Pro Baseball League (Taiwan)
  • Mexican League
  • Cuban Baseball League
  • Italian Baseball League
  • Honkbal Hoofdklasse (Netherlands)
  • Australian Baseball League
  • US Independent Leagues
  • Japanese Independent Leagues
  • World Cup of Baseball

Standard Leagues

For information about creating a Standard League, see the Standard League Wizard, or the Advanced Mode screen about Standard Leagues.

Historical Leagues

Historical Leagues are closely based on Major League historical data. You can think of this option as the "Major League option for every year but the current one." This option is most commonly used by players who prefer to do historical simulations. Historical leagues are based on statistical databases that are created by third parties. These databases include all of the true Major League baseball statistics for every year from 1871 through last year.

Note: OOTP modders often create their own versions of historical databases. You can generally use any historical database that matches the Lahman format in OOTP, although the game works best with one of the two databases above.

For information about creating Historical Leagues, see the Historical League Wizard, or the Advanced Mode screen about Historical Leagues.

Custom Leagues

Custom (Fictional) Leagues allow you to create your own baseball universe from scratch. You can define all the details of a fictional league however you see fit, including the team names, cities, financial model, free agency, player settings, and more. For information about creating a Fictional League, see the Fictional League Wizard, or the Advanced Mode screen about Fictional Leagues.

Imported Leagues

OOTP also allows you to import OOTP leagues from the previous version of the game. See Importing Old OOTP Games for more information about which versions can be imported, and how it works.