Q: How can I check if the last update on my device was successful?
A: From the Start Screen select Credits and check the version number on the screen. The latest version right now is: 1.0.1
Q: How can I install an update successful?
A: Make sure to close iOOTP 2011 on your device before you install the update! After you installed the update, check the version number on the Credits-Screen.

To close an App on a multitask device:
Q: I want to play iOOTP on an older Device (iPhone 3G or iPod Touch 2. Generation or older). What should I do to have the best possible experience?
A: Even if not officially supported, iOOTP should still work on older devices if iOS 4.0 or later is installed. Please make sure that you have enough free disc space on your device and more importantly: reboot your device before you start iOOTP to free up memory.

To reboot your device, please follow this guide:
Q: I am experiencing random crashes, what can I do?
A: Please first try to reboot your device (see previous answer), and please make sure you do not have any other apps running in the background when playing iOOTP. Under special circumstances it may help to delete & re-install the game, too.
Q: How can I manually save?
A: The save function can be found in the Action-menu in the manager home page/manager options/game options. On newer devices the Game will always save when you put it into the background (by tapping the Home Button on your device). To manually save the game quickly, do just that and open it up again (by double-tapping the Home Button and selecting iOOTP).
Q: I get a "Database loading failed" message when trying to continue my league.
A: Unfortunately, that means your current save game was corrupted and is unable to load. Please start a new game with the iOOTP update 1.0.1 or later. In order to prevent this issue in the future, do NOT restart the game immediately after it got terminated (i.e. receiving a call or text on a 2nd generation device like iPhone 3G, or by ending it from the task bar on a newer device). Save your game manually before you close the App will also improve your experience with iOOTP 2011.
Q: I have "Activator" installed as a Cydia app and experience crashes. What can I do?
A: During beta test we had one tester who had this problem. After he removed "Activator" from his device, he had no crashes anymore.
If you still have trouble, please see here: How do I get Technical Support?