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OOTP20 Manual
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Welcome to the user manual for Out of the Park Baseball 20.

Out of the Park Baseball is back with OOTP20, the latest version of the best baseball strategy game ever made!

What's New in OOTP20

  • Live Start

    Pick up and play at any point of the 2019 season with up-to-date MLB rosters, standings, ratings, and injuries!

  • 2018 Opening Day Rosters

    The brand new 2019 MLB roster set will include all projected Opening Day MLB rosters as well as the complete minor league system - our best-ever thanks to an all-new minor league ratings evaluator! - down to the rookie leagues and even future draft classes.

  • New, Revamped 3D Animations

    OOTP's 3D features have taken another step forward in OOTP 20 with the addition of hundreds of new player animations.

  • New Strategy Options

    Including the ability to use an opener/follower setup for your pitching rotation, as well as new options to force lineup positions and use your bench; players in the lineup can now back up other positions, and substitute in starting lineups for them.

  • Four New International Leagues

    New international leagues, including full rosters, have been added for Germany, France, the Czech Republic and Spain.

  • Perfect Team

    First added to OOTP19 late last year, OOTP20 expands on this revolutionary addition to OOTP. Tens of thousands of teams from all around the world compete in the multi-level online universe for the ultimate goal, reaching and winning a Championship in the coveted Perfect Leagues. The second version of Perfect Team adds a number of new features:

    • About 3000 cards are available on launch day, about 800 of the new 2019 MLB Live cards plus about 2200 historical cards (many of which have been re-rated or are entirely new)
    • Weekly content updates with new cards, all year round
    • The 2019 MLB Live cards will receive weekly rating updates throughout the regular season, based on real life performance
    • For the historical cards we have replaced the "Top WAR" category with "Hardware Heroes", players who won major awards in a year; additionally the "Historical Legend" category cards are now based on a new rating algorithm, which takes the peak performances of a single year for each of the rating categories.
    • Card odds will be the same as in OOTP 19. However, historical cards are now a bit more common (3 out of 10) than in OOTP 19 (2.5 out of 10) for cards rated 60 or higher.
    • There is now one league level below Bronze, called "Iron", taking the total number of levels to 6
    • At least 4 teams will be promoted & relegated each week
    • A number of smaller changes have also been made: more auction house features, a Watchlist, better sorting/filtering, a proper league history report for past leagues you played in, and the ability to view info/standings/stats from other leagues in the universe
    • Additional features, including a tournament mode and collection missions, will be added after the initial launch

  • And Much More!

    Every year we offer many smaller features, and OOTP 20 is no exception. It includes:

    • Improved in-game AI logic for substitutions, defense
    • Added Spray Chart for players
    • Player overall/potential ratings will show from the last scouting report on the player (optional)
    • Delayed loading of images or BB cards on certain pages (optional)
    • All New Achievements
    • Teams can now participate in multiple tournaments at the same time
    • Historical transactions now include transactions related to the Disabled / Injured / Bereavement List
    • Improved fictional schedule generator, it can now properly handle all sorts of league configurations
    • Hot and cold streaks will not persist if player is injured/sent to minors
    • Starters no longer default to allow pitching in relief in critical games
    • Adjusted stamina for starters on short rest
    • Added OF Assists to box scores
    • Added baserunning statistics for players
    • Historical Exhibition games loaded from the main screen have the option to continue to the historical exhibition screen
    • Added CBA2017 FA Compensation Option and NPB FA Compensation
    • Improved international amateur FA contract negotiations
    • Added new association draft order option

OOTP has an amazing number of options designed to allow you to create your ideal baseball simulation. This in-depth manual will walk you through OOTP in all of its glory!

There is a search function in the top right to search by keyword.

We hope you enjoy OOTP as much as we enjoyed making it for you!