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Common Action Menus

As with drop-downs, some action menus appear repeatedly throughout the game.

The Player Action Menu

The player action menu will allow you to perform tasks depending on the type of player you are looking at - one of your own, or an one belonging to another team.

Make trade offer Opens the trading interface so you can propose a trade centered around that player.
Change player role Allows you to set the role of one of the players on your team
To (abbreviation of farm team) Allows you to send one of your players to your farm team in a lower-level league.
Add to shortlist Allows you to mark the player as being of special interest to you.

The Player Position Menu

The player action menu will allow you to change the primary position of your player. Note that this is for display purposes only - it does not make him any better at playing that position (although repeatedly playing him there will do that.)

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