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Start Screen

When you start up FHM, you will arrive at the FHM Start Screen.

You can also get back to the Start Screen after a game has been loaded by navigating to Game Menu and then choosing Start Screen. The Start Screen has several main options in the box, plus a handful of options along the bottom. The main options are as follows:

Purchase FHM Now Links you directly to the FHM web store in order to purchase a license for the game. See the FHM downloads screen for more information about purchasing.
This option only appears if you have not already installed a license for the game.
Enter License Key Prompts you to enter a serial number to license your copy of the game. See Installing Your License for more information about licenses. This option only appears if you have not already installed a license for the game.
Continue Game Loads the last game you played. This button is unavailable until you have created at least one game. At that time, this option will become available, and the screen will display the name of the last game you created in parentheses.
Load Game Allows you to load a previously saved game.
New Game Creates a new game based on current rosters. See Creating a New Game for more information.
New Historical Game Creates a new game based on any season from 1947 through the most recently completed season. See the Historical Game for more information.
New Custom Game Creates a new custom game. See Creating a Custom Game for more information.
Quick-Start Game Loads a quick-start game other than the default one used for New Game. See Quick-Start Games for more information.
Preferences Allows you to modify global game preferences. See the Preferences screen for more information.

The options in below the main buttons are as follows:

Website Takes you to the OOTP Developments web site
Open the Forums Opens the OOTP Developments Community Forums
Open the Online Manual Opens this online manual
View Game Credits Takes you to a list of people involved in the creation of FHM
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