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Front Office

The Front Office Section in the Teams Menu is divided into several screens where you can handle front office functions such as scouting and personnel matters related to the currently selected team.

  • Team Finances displays various information about the financial state of your team, notably the amount of its budget and the salary cap situation, if the team is in a league that uses one.
  • Salary Obligations displays, in a season-by-season format, the amount of money players are owed on their contracts. The Cap Hit tab allows the view to be switched to show cap hit instead of actual salary.
  • Possible Free Agents lists players whose contracts will expire at the end of this season and need to be re-signed.
  • Scouting allows the team's scouts to be assigned to various geographic locations, where they can scout either professional or junior players.
  • Personnel shows the staff that are currently contracted to your team, as well as the pool of unsigned staff members you can sign.

In FHM, you can only view one team's information at a given time. Use the Team drop-down at the top of the Team Menu to change the currently selected team.

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