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Historical Challenge

Historical Challenges (not to be confused with Challenge Mode) allow you to take control of a team at a specific point in its history and try to equal or improve on their actual performance. Most are fairly short-term (as little as one season), allowing a quick couple of hours of gaming without having to commit many hours to a long-term game.

Click on any of the available challenges to begin. Historical Challenges use the game's regular historical mode, with these settings pre-selected:

  • Hold Expansion Draft is on
  • Draft Rookies/Generate at 17 on
  • Player Development is FHM mode
  • Set Initial Rosters by Draft is off

After selecting a challenge and a name for the game, you will then be taken to the Set Up Your Manager screen, where you can set up your manager identity, team, play mode, and other options.

Once you achieve (or fail) the challenge, you will be alerted by the game. You can still continue normally after the challenge expires if you wish to play further. If you succeed at the challenge, you'll receive an in-game achievement (and Steam achievement, if you're playing the Steam version.

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