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OOTP has an additional option for managers called Commissioner Mode. A commissioner is the absolute ruler of a baseball universe. A commissioner can control every aspect of a league, including editing players, forcing trades, and changing the league configuration. A commissioner can temporarily take control over any team in the league, or he can sign up as the full-time manager of a team. In online leagues, the commissioner is the only one who is able to advance the game date and auto-play games.

You can be both a commissioner and a manager simultaneously. When Commissioner Mode is enabled, you cannot be fired. Some solo players prefer to manage a single team with Commissioner Mode turned on, so that they have quick access to all editing capability. Other solo players prefer to play with Commissioner Mode turned off, and only enable it if there is some specific need to do so.

Commissioners have access to a wide range of features that are described in more detail in the Tools, Functions, and Editors section of the manual.

Most commissioner functions are located on the appropriate OOTP screens - they are simply not visible if you are not a commissioner.

Toggling Commissioner Mode
Commissioner Mode can be set when adding or editing human managers, but it can also be toggled on and off at any time from the Manager Options page.