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Replace Names
We needed this tool to replace a bunch of names in the ML quickstart files which had broken characters. It was a great help so we added it to the Tools menu on the Database Info page in case you could need it sometime, too.

To use it, place a simple text file inside the /import_export folder of your league. The text file must have the name "namefixes.txt". It has to contain two columns. First a column with the "old" names, followed by a tabulator character (tab key), then the replacement for the "old" name (let's call it "new" name here). OOTP will read the file line by line. For each "old" name it will check all the names that are saved inside your league files (unused names and used names of all types, i.e. first, last and nick names). If it finds an old name, it will be replaced with the new name. That's all!

The tool will write all changes that it makes to the ootp_trace.txt file if debug mode is active (see Preferences Dialog/Troubleshooting).