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Possible Free Agents

The Possible Free Agents screen (Team Menu >> Front Office section >> Possible Free Agents) shows which players on the selected team are due to become free agents at the end of the season:

This screen is very similar to the Upcoming Free Agents screen, except that it shows only players on the currently selected team. This screen projects which players will reach free agency at the end of the season. Use this to make sure that players you'd like to re-sign don't reach free agency by mistake! Since players' service time changes daily, this screen is only accurate as of the moment you view it. A player appearing on this page is not a guarantee that he will reach free agency.

You can take advantage of OOTP's Views, Filters, and many of the Common Drop-Downs. Review those sections to get a better understanding of how to manipulate the data on this screen to suit your needs.

You can offer a contract extensions by right-clicking on the player's name in the list and selecting Offer Extension from the right-click menu. For more information, see Offering Contracts.

The Action Menu

This screen has an action menu with the following options:

Option Description
Offer all minor league free agents minor league contract extensions Offers minor league contract extensions to any players on this list who are approaching minor league free agency. This is only needed if you have minor league free agency enabled, but this is a quick way to extend multiple players at once. It's particularly helpful if you are managing an organization with many minor leagues.
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