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Customizing OOTP
One of the hallmarks of the Out of the Park Baseball series is the ability to customize nearly any aspect of the game. OOTP players can import custom roster sets, modify the logos used in-game, customize ballparks, and more!

So, what does 'customizing' mean? Well, there are lots of ways you can adjust OOTP to your liking that have been covered elsewhere - using the in-game editors or commissioner functions, for example. In this section of the manual, we're going to define 'customizations' as changes to OOTP made outside of the game. So, for example, modifying the text files that control random player name generation is a customization. Changing your game's league settings is not. Got it?

Important! Customizing your game often involves modifying the files that are installed with the game, so there is some degree of risk involved. The best protection against problems is to back up, back up, back up! If you're modifying something related to one specific league, you can back up that league using the in-game backup options. If you're modifying the skin, graphics, or individual text files, you should back up those individual files or folders before modifying them. On top of that, customization often involves a decent amount of trial and error. It's much easier to restore a single backed up file than having to reinstall the game from scratch! There's no measuring the amount of frustration a good backup can save!

This following aspects of OOTP can be customized: