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Standard Games

Standard games allow you to create an FHM game using real-world teams and players. From the Start Screen, just click on the New Game button.

When you select this option, you will immediately be asked to enter a name for your saved game; this cannot duplicate the name of an existing game.

You will then get a list of available leagues to include in the game. These are all the possible current leagues that can be played. Note that selecting all or many of them may have a significant effect on game speed, depending on your computer. Choose the leagues you wish to include; any you don't select will still exist in the game, just as background leagues that do not allow a human player to manage a team.

Activating some leagues may require other leagues to be active as well - for example, the Canadian junior leagues must all be activated togather; lower-level leagues in some countries require higher-level leagues in the same country to be active; and the Czech league requires the KHL to be active (as one Czech team is affiliated with a KHL team.) The NHL and AHL must always be activated, they cannot be deactivated.

You will then be taken to the Add Human Managers screen, where you can set up your manager identity, play mode, and starting team.

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