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The facegen player portrait system, long familiar to OOTP players, is now in FHM3. Fictional portraits will be created for every player and staff member, unless you turn it off.

Every player profile screen has a Picture button beside the action button. This controls the facegen portrait via a variety of options:

Option Function
Regen Same Picture This will re-generate the same picture without changing the player's facial appearance. Useful if you've changed uniform files.
New Fictional Picture This will create a new face for the player, if you dislike his current appearance.
Import PhotoFit (Facegen) File Allows you to import a specific .fg file to replace the player's face. There are a pair of sample files in the /fg files folder, although their appearances may frighten small children.
Import Photo File This will replace the facegen portrait with a regular player photograph (provided by you.)
Auto-Reload Picture This will reload the player's portrait based on whatever file it finds with the correct name in the player_pics older.
Set Beard Style Changes the player's facial hair style.
Set Hair Color Changes the player's hair color (not visible in FHM3.)
Set Beard Color Chanes the color of the player's beard.
Set Facial Type Changes the player's ethnic appearance category.
Set Eye Color Changes the player's eye color.

Additionally, the Facegen Settings tab on the Game >> Setup Options screen allows you to specify the percentage of portraits that should be generated with facial hair, and the relative weighting of each type of facial hair style.

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