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Challenge Mode

If you enable Challenge Mode for the game you are about to create, you'll experience a whole new way to play OOTP. You'll enjoy streamlined gameplay, collect new achievements and awards, and face extra challenges when building your baseball dynasty.

Challenge Mode differs from the classic OOTP experience in the following ways:

  • Commissioner mode and the player editor are disabled
  • League rules and setting adjustments are also disabled
  • Certain AI team control settings are disabled
  • Long-term simulation ("Auto-play until...") is only available during the offseason
  • New in-game achievements can be unlocked while playing games out
  • Your achievements and season scores will be tracked in your personal OOTP online profile (as long as you're logged in), which will allow you to compare your career and accolades with those of other OOTP players all over the world

Challenge mode requires the creation of an OOTP online profile, which can be done via the bar at the top of the start screen. In order to complete the profile, an authenticator token will be sent to the e-mail address you specify.