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Nations, Cities, and Player Origins
OOTP comes with a world database that includes over 80,000 cities and all the nations in the world today. But, perhaps you don't want to use the real world for your baseball universe. Perhaps you want to add new cities or play in an entirely fictional universe. Luckily, most of the world database is customizable!

OOTP's world database is actually nothing more than two text files: nations.txt and cities.txt. These are located in the datadatabase directory in your OOTP installation directory. The nations.txt and cities.txt files are used in a number of scenarios in the game:

  • In determining the nation for each league in your universe
  • In determining team cities based on the league nation
  • In determining player and coach origins and names
  • In making decisions about whether a player wants to sign a contract, based on the distance between the team's location and the player's origin
The nations.txt and cities.txt files are comma-separated text files. If you're not familiar with those, see this screenabout comma-separated files. In particular, if you're looking to edit the cities.txt file with Microsoft Excel, see this section of the page.

The world database is used for all leagues in a given saved game. There is no way, for example, to use one set of nations and cities for "League A" in your saved game, and a different set for "League B" in your saved game.

Read the following sections for more information:

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