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Personnel Profile
The Person Profile contains information about team personnel - coaches, scouts, trainers, etc. The Person Profile isn't part of the main menu structure, but there are a lot of different sub-screens inside the Person Profile, so it's worthy of its own section. You can access the Person Profile in several ways:

  • Click on the name of any team personnel on any standard gamescreen(clicking on a player name on a report will take you to the Team Personnel Report)
  • Right-click on any player name and select Open Person Profile

The following pages are accessible from the Person Profile:

Person Profile Common Action Menus and Buttons
There are several action buttons and action menus that appear on the pages throughout the Person Profile:

The Action Menu
Open Person Profile Returns you to the Person Profile. If you're already there, it does nothing.
Shortlist Person Adds the player to the manager's shortlist.
Offer Contract / Extension This option changes depending on the status of the person. It will say Offer Contract if you are looking at a free agent. If you are looking at an employee of your team, it will say Offer Extension. See Personnel Contracts for more information. (Note: This option will not be available if you look at a person who is under contract to another team.)
Fire Person Allows you to fire the person, if he is currently employed and you have control over the team.
Appoint as... Allows you appoint this person to a different role in your organization, if you have control over the team.

The Pictures Menu
The Picture action menu is described in the section on Common Action Menus

View former Player Profile
In OOTP, some personnel were previously players. If this is the case, there will be a button called View former Player Profile. This will allow you to view the person's Player Profile from when he was a player.

The Shortlist Button
Clicking the Shortlist button adds the person to the manager's shortlist.