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OOTP24 Manual

Welcome to the user manual for Out of the Park Baseball 24.

Out of the Park Baseball is back with OOTP24, the latest version of the best baseball strategy game ever made. Unmatched depth, authenticity, and a bounty of offline and online gameplay make Out of the Park Baseball 24 an unparalleled experience!

What's New in OOTP24

  • Added Pitcher BABIP rating
    • A new pitcher-only rating that is combined with the (previous) movement rating into a new combined movement rating. Please see the Pitching Ratings Page for details.
  • Updated IAFA System
    • Revised IAFA system now includes pool reveals before the IAFA signing period, monthly practices for loyalty and scouting accuracy, improved financials, trading of international bonus pool money, and more. Please see the revised International Amateur Free Agents page for details.
  • Updated Owner Goal system
    • Goals now include a priority value from your owner. The ability to also change goals set by the owner. New owner goals such as; Team Chemistry, Team Splits, Improve International Development, and Increase Fan Interest. Please see the Ownership page for further details.
  • New Dynamic Trading Deadline Day
    • On the trade deadline day extra trade negotiations can take place to simulate the rush of a real-life trade deadline. Users can set up a number of periods to run during this event as well as a time limit per period. See Trading Deadline page for more details.
  • New Hard Mode for Trading
    • Our new hard mode for trading will disable the make this work button and remove feedback from AI GMs during trade setups. You will need to submit your trade proposals before getting feedback from the AI. See the Game Settings page for more details.
  • Trading Reputation System
    • Our new trading reputation system allows human managers to now be evaluated on their trading history. This will be a new system that applies per team and globally. Completing trades will increase your reputation while backing out of offers and lowballing teams will decrease your reputation. See the Game Settings page for details.
  • Improved Contract Negotiations
    • New offer history tab on negotiations screen, improved player reactions to offers, and a new apply long-term demand button to assist with offering long-term contracts.
  • Improved Historical Ballpark Naming
    • Added Park Name field to historical ballparks this will allow stadium names to appear in news articles as “Fenway Park” and not “Fenway Park 19xx-19xx”)
  • In-Game
    • All-new audience model that is more dynamic and reacts to the play
    • Added new spray chart view to graphically show player groundball tendencies
    • All-new “Superstats Replay”, featuring new camera modes and extra details and highlighting on the play
    • Improved handling of rescheduled games, weather during game
    • Updated player movements
    • Improved Camera Motion
  • New Uniform/Alt Uniform Functionality
    • New XML file-based yearly updating for uniforms and colors. XML files are updated yearly to get colors and uniform values for each team. New import and export functions for colors and uniforms per team and for all teams and leagues. See the new XML Colors page for more details.
    • Added uniform numbers and names to jersey backs, ability to specify high socks on players, and added ability to choose bat color and shoe color for players. See the Team Colors, Logos, and Uniforms page for more details.
  • Misc Updates/Features
    • Max Contract Length updated to 15 years
    • Max Players per trade increased to 10
    • Split Luxury Tax so that you can run both forms of luxury tax/revenue sharing separately
    • Improve Facegen:Picture Generation Faster and General Facegen Performance updates
    • Upgraded MLB Live Start and new KBO Live Start
    • 2023 MLB Rosters and Rules
  • PT 24 Upgrades
    • All-New Perfect Team Live mode
    • League Promotion Reward Scaling
    • Bigger and Better Tournament competitions and rewards
    • All-New "Entry Fee" Tournaments
    • New Content Parterships
    • PT+
    • For more details pertaining to these please watch our PT Reveal Video

And as always smaller improvements, fixes, additions, and changes.

OOTP has an amazing number of options designed to allow you to create your ideal infinite baseball sandbox. This in-depth manual will walk you through OOTP in all of its glory!

There is a search function in the top right corner you can use to search for subjects or keywords.

We hope you enjoy OOTP as much as we enjoyed making it for you!