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Each parent organization in OOTP has an owner, who can be seen on the Finances page. Just as in real life, you have little control over your team's ownership, but ownership can make decisions that affect your job. Owners in OOTP have distinct personalities. Owners in OOTP have two main functions that affect gameplay: setting team budgets and hiring/firing human managers.

Note: The above links will not work within the in-game help. However, they all simply link to sections lower in this page, so if you are reading this in-game, just scroll down to find the appropriate section!

Owner Personalities
OOTP owners each have their own personalities. The following information affects how owners behave in the game:

Patience Controls how quick an owner is to fire you when your team is performing below the owner's expectations
Fiscal Personality Controls how your owner behaves regarding the team's budget
Involvement Displays the owner's involvement with the organization. Can be lenient or controlling
Priority The owner's primary focus for the organization. Can range from extreme profit to extreme winning
Current Mood The owner's thoughts on how the human manager is performing so far
Expectation The owner's expectations for the team in the current season

Owners do age, and will eventually retire. Some owners may sell the team to a new owner. Owners may be replaced by their own children. The replacement owner may have a very different temperament, so be sure to pay attention to any ownership changes!

Owner Goals

In addition to personalities, Owners will also have differing goals they will set forth for you to accomplish. These goals can be located on the Owner page under your Front Office tab. Goals have a priority level allowing the owner to include how important each one is. This will help you get a clear picture of what your owner is hoping you to do for the upcoming season(s).


Goals can range from hitting attendance improvements to acquiring a particular type of player. We also allow you to discuss certain goals to see if the owner would offer a different goal. This can be helpful if you are rebuilding a team but a goal from the owner wishes for a winning season. Changing owner goals will bring up a pop-up screen in which you can either keep the current goal or decide to take an alternative goal instead.


Accomplishing goals your owner sets out for you will keep your owner happy and prolong your stay with the current organization.

Setting the Team Budget
By default, the team owner defines your annual team budget. As the GM, you have some influence over team finances - signing players and personnel, setting the scouting budget, setting ticket prices, etc. Generally, you cannot go over the budget that the owner has allotted. However, depending on the owner's personality, he or she may let you exceed your budget in certain circumstances. The team budget can be seen on the Finances page. The team budget is set each year on the day after the playoffs end. Owners set team budgets according to a combination of factors, including the team's financial state and the owner's personality.

If you would rather not worry about the owner's budget, you can give yourself access to the team's entire revenue stream by changing the Team Owner controls Budget? setting in the Financial Rules section of the Rules page.

Hiring/Firing Human Managers
Ownership is also responsible for hiring and firing human managers. Owners fire human managers based on a combination of factors, including the team's performance, the team's financial state, and the owner's personality. In general, if you are failing to meet the owner's Season Expectation, your job could be at risk, especially depending on your owner's personality. You can always check on your owner's attitude towards you by looking at the owner's Opinion on Performance.

Note: You cannot get fired if you are in Commissioner Mode, or if you have the Cannot be Fired checkbox on the Manager Optionsscreenchecked.

Editing Owners
Owners can also be edited from the Options and Ballpark page, but only if you are in Commissioner Moder.

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