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In-Game Reports
OOTP is filled with in-game web (HTML) reports. Rather than scatter the reports throughout the online manual, this section includes descriptions of each in-game report.

Since OOTP makes frequent use of hyperlinks, many reports can be accessed in multiple different ways. Therefore, each report description also has a section at the top describing the different ways to access the report.

Common Elements in In-Game Reports
It's helpful to understand some the common elements that appear on most, if not all, in-game reports. Here are descriptions of those elements:

Link Bar
Most in-game reports have a string of hyperlinks across the top, called the Link Bar.

The links on this bar are as follows:

Link Text



BNN Home

Baseball News Network home page


[League Name]

League home page



Scores report



Standings report



League Stats / Leaderboards report



Teams report



Players List report



Major Transactions report



League History Index report


Note: Each section number in the table above is hyperlinked to that section in the guide.

Select Report / Select League Report Drop-Downs
Many of the report pages include an action menu in the upper right called Select Report or Select League Report. These two drop-down menus can be used to navigate quickly to the report of your choice.

The Select Report drop-down appears only in certain circumstances. It appears on team-related reports when you access them through the Reports tab in the Team menu, and it appears on league-related reports when you access them through the League Reports tab on the League News page.

Note: The drop-downs appear only if you access the reports in the manner described above. However, even without the drop-down, all the reports available in the drop-down are also available through hyperlinks on the in-game reports.

Right-Click Menus
OOTP's internal web browser also supports the right-click menus used by OOTP. That is, if you are viewing a report within OOTP, you can right-click on any player name to see a list of actions you can take regarding that player.

Open in External Browser
In-game reports always have a button on the screen titled 'Open in external Browser':

This button will cause the selected report to be opened in a new browser window, outside OOTP.

OOTP generates HTML reports on demand, not in advance. Therefore, if you click on hyperlinks in a file being viewed in the external browser, most will return an error, because the game has not yet generated that particular report yet.

Additionally, you no longer have right-click functionality when you have opened a report in your external browser.

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