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Playing OOTP
In OOTP, playing the game is all about the advancement of time. You can mess with your lineups and league settings to your heart's content, but until you tell OOTP to move time forward in some fashion, no games get played! This section of the online manual is designed to answer the following question:

"Now that I've finished configuring and setting up my team(s), how do I play some games?!"

In OOTP, time advances through the use of the Auto-Play feature. Some players choose to use this feature exclusively, relying on OOTP to simulate the results of games, even the games of the teams that they manage. Other people prefer to play out their own games in OOTP's Play-by-Play Mode. However, even people who play out their own games need to use the Auto-Play feature to advance time to the next day.

This section of the manual will cover the following topics:

  • Auto-Play (the process of advancing the game date, potentially simulating games in the process)
  • Play-by-Play Mode (playing out games yourself)
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