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There is a folder /sounds in the data directory which contains the sound files. OOTP has certain events in game when a sound file will be played, like hit_hard, hit_normal, cheer_light, cheer_heavy and so on. For most events, there are multiple sound files, for example catch_ball1, catch_ball2 and so on up to catch_ball5. Simply add more sound files and name them accordingly, like for example catch_ball6, to improve the in-game sound.
OOTP will play a random one of these sound files whenever the sound event occurs. Please keep in mind that OOTP loads all sound files on startup which might use a lot of computer memory!

You can also delete sound files, for example to save memory. Just make sure you keep at least one file for each event.

It's no problem to replace the sound files with your own versions.

Also, if there's a .wav file with a player name, i.e. "Albert Pujols.wav", then the game will use this as the intro for Pujols!

You can enable/disable sound in the Preferences dialog.
OOTP saves this setting in the app.cfg file as "disable_sound" (0 or 1).
You can temporarily disable the in-game sound using the command line parameter "nosound".
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