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In OOTP, weather can affect games, and is set on a per-ballpark basis. Weather can be edited from the Weather page within the Ballpark Editor. However, weather can also be edited outside of the game engine. OOTP's weather database comes from a file called weather.txt, located in the datadatabase directory within your OOTP installation.

The weather.text file is a comma-separated text file. If you're not familiar with those, see this page about comma-separated files.

The weather database is used for all leagues in a given saved game. There is no way, for example, to use one set of weather data for "League A" in your saved game, and a different set for "League B" in your saved game.

By default, the weather.txt file is used only upon the creation of a new saved game. At that time, all the data in the weather.txt file is converted into a file called "weather.dat" that is stored in the saved game directory. OOTP uses weather.dat to determine weather any time a game is played. However, if you wish to change the weather database for an existing saved game, you can modify the weather.txt file, and then re-import them into your saved game using the Re-Import Weather Database option on the Weather page.

The weather.txt file has one row of data for each city with weather defined. Not all cities in the cities.txt file have weather defined, but most of the major cities in the world have weather definitions. There are 25 pieces of data for each city in the file:

Field # Field Name Description
1 Nation ID The unique nation ID defined in the nations.txt file.
2 City Name The city name as defined in the cities.txt file.
3 Region The region as defined in the cities.txt file.
4 Average Wind Speed The average wind speed for the city, in miles per hour
5-16 Average Temp (by month) The average temperature in the city for each month, in degrees Fahrenheit
17-25 Average % Chance of Precipitation (by month) The average % chance of precipitation in the city for each month
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