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OOTP18 Manual
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Welcome to the user manual for Out of the Park Baseball 18.

Out of the Park Baseball is back with OOTP18, the latest version of the best baseball strategy game ever made!

What's New in OOTP18

  • Our brand new 2017 roster sets include all Opening Day MLB rosters, as well as the complete minor league system down to rookie leagues, including independent leagues.

  • All major league (and over a thousand minor league) player ratings are based on Dan Szymborski's popular ZiPS player projection system. The remaining minor league players are carefully rated by hand by our established research team.

  • Ready for an extra challenge? Experience a new game mode in OOTP 18: Challenge! Challenge Mode can be enabled in newly created leagues (standard / historical / fictional) and adds a unique twist, along with new rewards, while playing OOTP. Certain areas of the game are tightly controlled to prevent cheating and the game flow is optimized and more streamlined. Several new types of achievements and statistics are tracked in a new (optional) OOTP online user profile. Are you the best OOTP manager on the planet? Compare your skills to other OOTP gamers and find out how you stack up!

  • With even more ballpark detail than before, the 3D game mode in OOTP has taken another leap forward. More advanced player models and improved on-field movements let you view the action like never before. On top of that, you can optionally save all the 3D action highlights to re-watch the game or catch the highlight reel, no matter if those games were played out or simulated.

  • OOTP 18 now features custom and real world tournaments. Watch the best prospects play in the Arizona Fall League, or set up your own tournament pitting the best of each nation facing off against each other! Set up your own national or international tournaments, choose from different tournament modes, and manage your favorite nation to international glory.

  • With the help of Seamheads.com, our historical database experts have been able to add most Negro leagues seasons to the historical minor league feature of Out of the Park Baseball 18, including accurate rosters and player statistics. In addition, we have added the Federal League as an unaffiliated minor league in the years 1914 and 1915.

  • A lot of work has gone into improving the AI throughout the game, resulting in the most challenging gameplay ever. The roster AI, trade AI, and in-game AI have been optimized and enhanced to reflect the latest tendencies (for example, the usage of closers in high-leverage games by certain managers).

  • The injury system in OOTP 18 has been reworked to be more realistic and interesting. A detailed injury history is tracked for players, the injury database has been enhanced, there are now nagging little long-term injuries, injuries to different body types have different long-term effects, injuries in historical leagues are more realistic, and much more.

  • The ability to retain player salaries in trades

  • New options for team promotion and relegation between leagues

  • Many 2017 CBA rule changes are incorporated in modern MLB games

  • Improved team chemistry and player morale system

  • Improved player creation & development system

  • Improved game recaps

  • Enhanced play-by-play text and league news

  • Beautiful new interface with three different skins

  • Much faster import speed of historical minor league seasons

OOTP has an amazing number of options designed to allow you to create your ideal baseball simulation. This in-depth manual will walk you through OOTP in all of its glory!

There is a search function in the top right to search by keyword.

We hope you enjoy OOTP as much as we enjoyed making it for you!