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Team Chemistry and Morale


A team's chemistry rating is determined primarily by player classes. On their personality overview, we will now explicitly list if a player is a member of a certain class. Those classes, and the number of players in each of them, is one of the most important factors in a players' team chemistry rating. Note that player personalities may change over time, so they may potentially change class, and young players will take a few years to establish a rating.

The player personality box also shows whether the player ranks high or low in one of five personality traits: leadership, loyalty, greed, work ethic, and intelligence.

The Team Chemistry page brings in some chemistry-related information that can be found in other places together in one spot. It includes player relations with the manager, a rating of the team's overall chemistry, the team chemistry component of morale for all players on the active roster, the explicit classes of players (note: not all classes appear here, only the ones with the largest effect on team chemistry), a simple report from the bench coach (usually with some comments as to the overall state), and a list of player concerns in regards to chemistry.

This screen replaces the old mid-season bench coach message, and the messages that individual players sent.


Player morale is also now a more dynamic system than it was previously. Players will prioritize each of the five categories listed for their morale at different rates. If a player cares more about team success than personal success, he may be angry in his performance, yet still be content overall.

Minor league players in general will be more concerned with their role than their performance, so players will not like being at the wrong minor league level. Morale also has a small impact in player development, so a player who is perennially unhappy may not develop as well - but bear in mind that its overall impact on his development will still be relatively minor.

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