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The Posting System regulates player transfers from foreign leagues to Major League Baseball in a manner like the agreement between MLB and Nippon Professional Baseball.

To activate the Posting system, you need to enable this in the league financial settings for the league(s) players will be posted from. and then decide on a maximum fee. If you set no fee, there is no maximum. The Japanese league has it enabled per default.

Players can only be posted under the following conditions:
  • It must be the offseason
  • The player is a native of the country of the league
  • The player has no contract extension
  • The player does not become a free agent in the offseason and has never been eligible for free agency before

If you want to post a player, right-click on him and you will find the posting option in the transactions submenu. After that you will be asked to enter the fee. A posted player can be "unposted" anytime. You find that option in the same place as the posting option. Posted players are listed in the "Posted Players" section of the league transaction screen (free agents tab).

The AI posts players which are one or two years away from free agency and who have a desire to play in a different league. This desire is determined by the player quality, and the greed & play for winner personality ratings.

Any team in any non-affiliated pro league (i.e., non-farm leagues) may bid on a posted player.