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Set Up Your Manager

This screen allows you to customize your identity, choose a team, and set a number of other options.

Personal Info: Enter your name, nationality, and birthdate here. The only setting that may affect gameplay is your nationality, as some teams will prefer to hire staff that is native to their country.

Team and Play Mode: Play Mode offers three choices. Commmisioner Mode allows you some limited editing abilities and the opportunity to view a few things normally hidden from the user - i.e., "cheat mode." If you activate Cannot be Fired, you will never be removed from your job by team management, you can only end your stay with a team by resigning. Fog of War limits the display of player attributes, forcing you to rely more on scouting reports and player statistics.

You can specify whether you want to play as a dual General Manager/Head Coach position, or as GM only. Note that even if you take the dual role, you can still delegate coaching decisions to your AI assistant.

You may select a team to play from any playable league. You can also start unemployed, in which case you must wait for a job offer before starting (you will always begin with a few offers at the start of the game.)

Your starting reputation will affect the willingness of teams to hire you. If you choose to start at the bottom, you must build up a reputation before teams at higher levels will let you manage them.

Password: You can set a password for your game if you desire. This is primarily useful in multiplayer games.

Once you're finished with this screen, your game will finish setting up and be ready to play. This process may take a minute or two.

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