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Game Menu

The Game Menu is primarily used for administrative functions:

The Save Current Game menu option immediately saves all progress in your game. By default, FHM3 saves games when loading and quitting the game, and a weekly autosave (the frequency of which can be changed via the Setup/Options screen, from off to daily.) In the interest of keeping your saved games safe, it is advisable to save your game at regular intervals.

The Save Game As... menu option also saves your game, but lets you choose what name you save it as, giving you a way to save multiple versions of the same game. Be aware, though, that FHM3 saves are large and can rapidly consume drive space if you use this option a lot.

The Save as Quickstart menu option saves your game as a quickstart file. If you'd like to start a Standard Game, but not with the default world provided by our most current database, Quickstart games are pre-built hockey universes. These games come complete with rules, teams, and players. The New Game setup routine is based on a quickstart consisting of the modern hockey universe, but the Quickstart Game option can be used to create an alternate quickstart. Note that games cannot be saved as quickstarts once you've advanced the game past the opening day.

Setup/Options allows you to adjust a number of different things:

Option Description
Auto-Save Options This controls the frequency with which your game automatically saves. We do not recommend turning it off entirely, but you may want to change from the default monthly save according to your own risk tolerance and/or patience with the game frequently being interrupted by the saving process.
Other Options Fog of War will limit the amount of ratings information you can see for players until they've been scouted. Show Home Screen after advancing day-to-day will force the game to return to the home screen every time you advance the date. Enable facegen turns facegen on and off, allowing you to do so without needing to reboot as in the start screen options. Cannot be Fired (unavailable in Path to Glory mode) turns off the game's ability to fire you as GM of your team.
Injury Options These settings increase or decrease the frequency of player injuries in your game; higher numbers mean more injuries. There are two separate categories for injuries suffered in games and outside them, so you can adjust those levels independently. You can also shut off injuries entirely.
Development Options These settings allow you some control over the rate at which players develop. You can increase or decrease the age at which their skill (player peak age) and physical development (physical peak age) usually peaks. There will still be a large amount of variation in individual players, this is simply an overall average. The aging speed can also be increased or decreased; bear in mind that this not only speeds up or slows initial player development, it has the same effect on their late-career declines. You can also shut off development entirely, although that will have very odd ramifications as players never get better or worse. Bear in mind that the "Recalculate" option in historical play will override all of these settings.
Hall of Fame These settings allow you to determine which players make the game's Hall of Fame (or if you even want one), and when and how players are inducted into the Hall. Bear in mind that the only statistics considered will be those in the game's highest-level league, i.e. the NHL in standard gameplay. The "Min. Fulfilled Criteria" line detemines how many of the statistical achievements listed below must be met for a player to qualify.
Facegen Settings This tab, located above the rest of the options, allows you to set various Facegen facial hair options, if, for example, you're playing in a fictional evil universe where everyone wears a goatee.

Start Screen takes you back to the start screen, where you can choose to load a different game or start a new one. Hitting Continue Game after using Start Screen will return you to your current game.

Exit FHM shuts down FHM3, saving your current game in the process.

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