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Commissioner Portal
Whew, there's a lot involved with being a commissioner! Well, OOTP takes this into account, and has provided an additional set of tools that should make life for online league commissioners much easier. It's the Commissioner Portal. When you are logged into the game as the commissioner of an online league, a new option comes available in the Manager menu, entitled Commish Portal:

Commish Portal in Menu

This new menu option opens ascreenvery similar to the Manager Home page, only designed specifically for online league commissioners:

Commissioner Portal

For the Commissioners of an online league, the Commissioner Home screen is one of the most important in the game. From this screen you can perform all of the most common tasks associated with administering an online league. It also acts as a hub, providing links to many of the most commonly used screens in OOTP. The screen is divided into panes sections. On the left is a set of links broken into three sections:



Commish Actions

Tasks central to the process of running a sim. See Section for more information on Commish Actions.

League Reports

Contains links to commonly used league reports. There is no new functionality here, these are simply links to help you get to key areas more quickly.


Contains links to tools and setup pages in the game. There is no new functionality here, these are simply links to help you get to key areas more quickly.

The right pane displays different commissioner tools, beginning with the 'automator.'

The Automator Panel

When the Commissioner Home is first opened, the screen defaults to displaying the Automator panel. Running an online league is a repetitive process. GMs submit changes, and then the commissioner auto-plays a fixed amount of time, one 'sim session.' There are often a number of little tasks commissioners have to perform before each sim session. The Automator is a powerful tool that distills this repetitive process into a list of tasks that can be executed with one click.

The Automator Panel

The Automator contains a list of optional tasks that a commissioner may want to perform during each sim session. Check the boxes next to the tasks you wish to include in your sim session, and then click Execute to run your session.

The options on this screen are as follows:



Save league files

Saves the league file. This is a required step before any online sim session.

Backup league files

Backs up the league file, using the backup process described in Make Backup.

Retrieve team exports from server

Imports team exports from the server, using the import process described in Import All Teams from Server.

Retrieve team exports from PC

Imports team exports from your PC, using the import process described in Import All Teams from import_export folder.

Break if team files are missing

This will cause the automator process to stop immediately if any team export files are missing. Some leagues may require this as a way to ensure that all teams have submitted exports before proceeding.

Demote/release players with DFA time left of X days or less

This will cause the automator to search for any players with X days or less left on DFA. If it finds any such players, it will first attempt to demote them to a minor league team in the team's organization. If it cannot do this, the players will be released.

Auto-play for this number of days

Determines the number of game days the sim session will auto-play.

Create & upload league file

Creates and uploads the league file to the league server, using the most recent settings. Settings can be configured by clicking the League File Settings button. This behaves identically to the Uploading League Files process described in Uploading League Files (Commissioner).

Create & upload HTML reports

Creates and uploads HTML reports to the league server, using the most recent settings. Settings can be configured by clicking the Reports Settings button. This behaves identically to the uploading reports process described in Generating and Uploading Reports (Commissioners), with one exception:

The Reports Settingsscreenhere includes a button entitled 'Toggle Upload Mode.' This enables you toggle between uploading reports one-by-one, or as a single archive file.

Upload status report to server

Uploads a basic HTMLscreen("online_league_status.html") to the "team exports" directory that you specify on your server. This file is a log of actions completed by the automator. It lists team files imported as well as any errors in the import process, how many days were simmed, and whether a league file was uploaded successfully or not. This provides a quick way for owners or commissioners in an online league to check if a sim has been completed successfully.

Here is a sample of the status report:

Date/time: Friday, March 16th, 2007 11:59:41

Saving the database...

Database has been saved

Starting to retrieve team files from server...

Successfully imported team Athens Pirates from server

Error: Could not import team Baltimore Baysox from server. Error during FTP download. Not found

Successfully imported team Boston Dockworkers from server

Successfully imported team Cheyenne Channel Cats from server

Successfully imported team Decatur Wolves from server

Finished retrieving teams from server

Starting to release players from DFA...11 days

Finished release_dfa successfully

Starting simulate_days: 7 days

Finished simulate_days successfully

Saving the database...

Database has been saved

Starting creation and uploading of the league file...

Finished creation and uploading of the league file successfully

Starting to upload the online league status report...


Executes the sim session using all of the checked tasks from the automator panel.

The DFA Report & Releases Panel

The DFA Report & Releases panel is important information for online league commissioners. In the past, commissioners have often been forced to check teams one by one to find players whose DFA time would expire during the next sim session, because the game would not allow auto-play to continue until these cases were handled.

With the DFA Report & Releases panel, commissioners can quickly see which players are currently on DFA, and how many days they have left.

DFA Report & Release

Commissioners can also release players immediately from this panel by clicking on the Release button. You can click on the name of any player displayed here to open his profile, and the name of any team to go directly to that team's Transactions screen.

Commissioners should use this screen (or the Automator) prior to simming games to quickly release all players whose DFA time will run out during the sim. This will prevent OOTP from stopping repeatedly in the middle of the sim with requests that each player be dealt with individually before the sim can continue.

See Designated for Assignment (DFA) for more information about DFA.

The Check Team Exports Panel

The Check Team Exports Panel provides additional information about the most recent export files from each team in your online league:

Check Team Exports Panel

The panel lists each team in your online league, along with their team IDs (which correspond to the filenames used for each export, in the form of "team_ID.ootp"), the game date of the most recent export from that team, a Yes/No confirmation of whether that export is from the current game date or not, and an action button to attempt to import a new file for each team. The bottom of the screen also has two action buttons that provide additional functions:

Import All Teams
The Import All Teams button opens a window that allows you to import all the teams in your league at once:

Import All Teams

Click the Start Download button to begin the import, and click the Cancel button when it's done to close the window again.

FTP Settings
The FTP Settings button opens up the Online Optionsscreendescribed in The Online Options Page, so that you can adjust FTP settings.

Other Commish Actions

The Commish Actions section contains several other links, all of which involve functionality that is covered elsewhere in the game guide.



Open automator panel

Described above.

DFA report & releases

Described above.

Check team exports

Described above.

Make a trade

Takes you to the Initiate Trade sub-screen described in Making Trades.5.

Reports center

Takes you to the Create Reports & FTP Uploadscreendescribed in Generating Reports.

League file center

Takes you to the Archive & Upload League Filesscreendescribed in Uploading League Files (Commissioner).

Write league news

Takes you to the Write/Edit Newsscreendescribed in The Write/Edit News Page.

League Reports Links

The League Reports section contains a link to many of the more common league reports. These are all described elsewhere.

Tools Links

The links in this section take you to the Game Setupscreendescribed in Game Setup, and the Database Infoscreendescribed in The Database Info Page, where you can quickly run a dump of your league's data to CSV or SQL.