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All-Star Game
The All-Star Game usually takes place in the middle of the season. By default, OOTP elects the top 25 players in each division or subleague - 12 pitchers and 13 position players. While real-world All-Star teams include starters at each position, OOTP selects the top players, regardless of position. So, you may find that your All-Star teams have three catchers, if your league has some truly outstanding catchers. But temper your enthusiasm when your stud shortstop makes the All-Star game! Don't think for a minute he won't consider that when his contract is up!

Scheduling All-Star Games
The All-Star game can be enabled or disabled during game creation in the All-Star Game Options section of the Options page, or after game creation by navigating to OOTP Menu | Game Setup | League Setup tab | Options tab | All-Star Game Options section. The latter can only be done during the preseason or offseason.

Announcing All-Stars
When the All-Stars are announced, a league news article will be posted with the rosters for each team:

All-Star game appearances are recorded in individual player histories

Playing the All-Star Game
You can actually play the game out yourself if you so desire, regardless of whether you currently manage a team and how that team is performing. Just go to the Scores & Schedule page from the League menu on the day of the All-Star Game, and you will have the option to manage the game:

Selecting All-Stars Manually
As mentioned above, OOTP selects the All-Star participants automatically. However, if you are the commissioner of your league, or if you are playing in a solo league, you can also select the All-Stars manually if you prefer to have more control. To manually select All-Stars, use the Manual All-Star Voting menu option. This option appears in the League menu 30 days before the All-Star game:

Selecting this menu option will bring you to the All-Star Voting page:

Voting for players here is easy. Use the top half of the page to look up players and their statistics, then drag the players to the boxes on the bottom of the page. You can use the Qualify drop-down in the top right to filter out players who have not played enough to qualify. Pitchers qualify if they have at least 1 inning pitched per team game played in the first half. Hitters qualify if they have at least 3.1 plate appearances per team game played in the first half. You can also use the Ask Computer button to let the AI choose the All-Stars.

If you choose to vote manually, then you must complete both All-Star teams. You cannot create a partial All-Star roster. Not all of your voting has to happen on one day. You could vote in a handful of obvious choices 30 days prior to the All-Star game, then vote a few more each week. Just, make sure you complete the rosters before the All-Star teams are announced 3 days before the All-Star Game. If you don't complete your voting manually before then, the computer will select the teams!

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