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Spring Training
Spring Training is typically held beginning in early March for a period of 30 days. Spring Training is only for major league teams. During Spring Training, the active roster limit is removed, and any players on a team's secondary roster can be moved onto the active roster without recording major league service time. Before Opening Day, you must reduce the number of players on your active roster back to 25 (or whatever the active roster limit is in your league).

Each player in OOTP has a certain amount of 'rust' after an offseason. For each at-bat or inning pitched during Spring Training, a player shakes off some of that rust. Therefore, it is important to make sure all your key players get at least some playing time during Spring Training, because rusty players won't perform well.

Learning New Positions
Players learn positions much more quickly when they play them during Spring Training. See Learning New Positions for more information about new positions. Additionally, players are slightly more susceptible to injuries during Spring Training.

Spring Training Pages
During Spring Training, special statistics and standings pages are available in the League menu:

There will also be a special link on the Manager Home page as well.

This option brings you to a series of four tabs that display Spring Training data, that behave similarly to their regular-season counterparts:

  • Spring Standings - Shows the Spring Training standings. Behaves similarly to the Standings page.
  • Spring Batting Leaders - Shows the Spring Training batting leaders. Behaves similarly to the Batting Leaders page.
  • Spring Pitching Leaders - Shows the Spring Training pitching leaders. Behaves similarly to the Pitching Leaders page.
  • Sortable Spring Stats - Shows sortable statistics from Spring Training. Behaves similarly to the Sortable Stats page.
Note: Spring Training statistics and standings will not be reflected in in-game reports, other than as a split within individual player reports. For example, the Standings in-game report will not display the Spring Training standings. You can view this information only through the Spring Training pages.

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