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League Settings

Whereas the left half of the Create New Game screen contains global settings, the right side is league-specific. There are numerous different tabs/pages in the League Settings, as follows:

Any time you add a new league to your game on the left, you use the tabs on the right to define the settings for that league. OOTP can only display these settings for one league at a time. You define which league you are currently editing by clicking on a league in the All Included Leagues box on the lower left hand side of the screen. The right side of the screen also confirms the Selected League:

Action Menu

There is also an Action Menu here with three options that remain the same no matter which tab you are on during the league creation process:

Delete This League This option deletes the currently selected league from your game universe. Warning! You have no chance to confirm this choice!
Randomize Cities This option randomly assigns new cities to all the teams in the selected league using OOTP's customizable world database. OOTP selects cities based on the nation you have chosen for the league and the level of the league. Cities chosen for affiliated league teams will generally be chosen from cities with smaller populations than those of parent league teams. Note: Since the game generates cities randomly, it is possible that the game will select the same city for two franchises.
Randomize Team Nicknames This option randomly assigns new nicknames to each team in the league using OOTP's customizable list of 2,000 team nicknames.

Add Minor Leagues Menu

Additionally, if the currently selected league is a parent league, then another menu called Add Minor Leagues will appear at the bottom right. This menu allows you add one or more minor leagues affiliated with the selected league. There is also an option to add minor leagues of all levels with one click. See the Game Terminology page for more information about the distinction between parent and child leagues.

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