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International Scouting
Whether you are scouting major leagues, minor leagues, internationally, or amateurs, the basic output is the same: individual scouting reports for the scouted players. However, when scouting internationally, there is also a possibility that your scouting team will turn up a "hidden player," someone from abroad who other teams are not yet aware of. When this happens, you will have a chance to sign the player before any other team.

This "hidden player" feature is an option that can be enabled or disabled during game creation in the Player Options section of the Game Options page. After a game has been created, you can adjust it by navigating to OOTP Menu >> Game Setup >> Player & Picture Options

If hidden players are disabled, you can still scout internationally, but you will only receive individual scouting reports, and will not be able to find hidden players.

Finding Hidden Players
When your scouting team uncovers some talent abroad, they will send you a message like this one:

Once you receive this message, you can offer the player a contract as you would with any other free agents. However, it's only a matter of time before other teams hear about this player, so don't waste time!

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