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Manager Reputations
In OOTP, each manager has a reputation, which can be viewed on the Human Manager Status page:

Reputations are determined primarily by experience and results. Managers start out as 'greenhorns' and can grow through ten other ranks. A manager's reputation is calculated using factors such as experience, lifetime record, playoff appearances, championships, and more. Your reputation affects your attractiveness to potential employers and is a definite factor when you are unemployed and looking for work. For example, a very experienced manager with an excellent lifetime record will be much more attractive to a team than a greenhorn or a manager with a poor track record.

In addition to the hard facts about your candidacy, other events in the game world can also affect how teams feel about you, even though these might not necessarily be reflected in your reputation rank. For example, quitting a job in the middle of the season can adversely affect how other ownership teams view you.

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